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Media Manager

Job Title:              Media Manager
Department:        Operations
Reporting to:       Lead Media Manager
Employment:       Full Time – Permanent
Position Based:   London, United Kingdom


About TVT
Headquartered in London with additional facilities in Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo & Los Angeles, TVT Media is a leading content services provider, transforming media worldwide. With the recent acquisition of DMC, TVT Media is a global content services powerhouse.

TVT Media provides major content owners, media companies and studios with innovative, software defined, cloud-based media logistics and distribution services that drive the future of next generation entertainment. Our services span media management, versioning and compliance, access services production, archive restoration & digitization, post production, content aggregation, sales fulfilment, VOD asset creation & delivery and multi-platform channel playout – meshed with extensive distribution on IP, fibre and satellite.

Purpose of the role
Media Managers are responsible for the operation of end to end workflows, either automated via our proprietary ContentSelect platform or manually when required. Our workflows include functions such as tape & file ingest, quality check, logging of timecodes, standards conversion, transcoding, basic video editing, tape layback and either file or tape delivery. Our customers depend on TVT Media to meet transmission, on demand and content sales fulfilment deadlines.

The role is responsible for the delivery of an efficient, accurate and professional media delivery service, meeting or exceeding quality standards and contracted service levels. TVT Media aims to be right first time, on time, every time and Media Managers are essential in delivering excellence.

Principal accountabilities
• To ensure that all material is processed accurately and delivered by the deadline according to client requirements.
• To ensure that media management standard operating procedures are correctly carried out, using industry standard tools for measurement, display and processing of video and audio (for example; quality control, standards conversion, transcode, PSE and loudness checking & certification, file based transfer, videotape ingest).
• To monitor automated workflows using TVT Media’s ContentSelect platform, intervening as required for manual processes such as quality check and dealing with exceptions requiring manual handling/processing.
• To assist with onboarding new inbound or outbound content sources or destinations, interpreting technical specifications and translating these into settings in TVT Media systems. Accepting, analysing and reporting on test files from new sources and generating test files for new destinations.
• To train colleagues or freelancers and implement new procedures and systems as and when they arise.
• To respond to changing priorities from the customer or other departments as required.
• To maintain regular housekeeping and operational testing of all relevant systems, according to current standard operating procedures
• To keep timely and accurate records of all non-standard process work undertaken in ContentSelect to facilitate reporting and billing to the customer.
• To create detailed records in ContentSelect to ensure reporting is accurate and complete and all media records and workflow statuses are up to date and complete.
• To swiftly and carefully process high value or very late/short timescale jobs, ensuring proper focus and that any risks are identified and escalated appropriately and in a timely fashion.
• To perform basic video editing as required (e.g. adding or amending VT clocks, closing break parts, speeding up end credits, laying new audio tracks or swapping audio tracks in synch with the video, export of project and videos in correct format).
• To undertake fixes to faulty or failed media where possible and when approved by the customer.
• To develop and maintain excellent relationships with colleagues at all levels, focussing on teamwork and supporting others. Demonstrates excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence with others.
• To ensure all content and data security procedures are followed at all times to ensure the confidentiality of our customers’ content. To escalate immediately according to TVT Media procedures should any risk or exception be identified.
• To ensure detailed handovers to colleagues are prepared and communicated at the end of each shift.
• Where physical media (tapes or hard drives) are occasionally employed, to maintain well organised physical libraries, adhering to health & safety procedures including those for lifting and handling and for the storage of physical tape. To handle video tapes and video tape machines according to best practice. To ensure arriving hard drives are quarantined until after virus checks are complete.
• Such other related duties as the management may from time to time reasonably require.

Scope and Impact
The role directly impacts our client’s output. The post holder must have high levels of personal integrity and is required to take a considerable level of personal responsibility for their work. Organised and systematic in approach, punctilious attention to detail and be able to work effectively under pressure and to tight deadlines.

• Reports to the Lead Media Manager in a team led by the Operations Manager.
• Liaises with other TVT Media departments such as Media Coordinators in an operational setting.

Experience, knowledge & skills required
• Previous experience in a similar role in media/television/post-production or having an education/qualification in media operations is essential (although training will be provided on specific systems for candidates with the right experience/qualifications).
• Demonstrable knowledge of video & audio file formats and codecs is essential.
• Demonstrable ability to read waveform monitors and audio meters is essential.
• Ability to interpret automated QC software reports to identify problematic frames or sections, understand the nature of the problem and how to correct it is highly desirable.
• Demonstrable experience as QC operator able to review content and classify it according to the ITU-R 5-Point Quality Grading Scale is very highly desirable.
• Experience of operating video processing tools such as transcoders & standards converters is highly desirable.
• Demonstrable ability to perform basic video edits using Adobe Premiere (or similar software) is desirable.
• Knowledge of physical video tape formats and experience of handling tape, operating and lining up video tape machines is desirable.
• Experience of working with software workflow orchestration tools and media asset management systems is desirable.
• Previous experience in media companies and dealing with confidential, high value broadcast files for transmission deadlines is highly desirable.

Key competencies
• Technical knowledge – see Experience, Knowledge & Skills section above
• Attention to detail – meticulous attention to detail and performs all tasks accurately, diligently and completely.
• Communication – strong written and verbal skills to work effectively and diplomatically with contacts at all levels including clients.
• Problem solving – able to simplify complex problems and to explore/evaluate them systematically.
• Planning and organising – able to think ahead proactively, to establish an efficient and appropriate course of action for self and others. Prioritise and plan activities taking into account all the relevant issues and factors to manage time effectively.
• Working under pressure – able to maintain attention to detail, multi-task and deliver to a tight transmission/publication deadline. Works productively in high a pressure environment and keeps emotions under control. Learns from setbacks.
• Managing relationships – to build and maintain effective working relationships. Work with others to be part of a team, as opposed to working separately or competitively.

Hours of Work
Shift work covering 24hrs a day, 7 days a week with the majority of shifts weekday daytime and far fewer overnight and at weekends.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to apply, please send a cover letter and CV to: