Content enrichment and versioning

The art and science of content versioning

As content crosses borders and continents, localising it to meet regulatory requirements and reflect the cultural nuances of international markets requires both art and science.

In order to meet growing content requirements across multiple platforms, countries and time-windows, our multi-disciplined compliance and craft edit teams provide the necessary expertise to meet even the most challenging content localisation and versioning requirements.

Our multi-stage service provides content evaluation and edits with a client-centric approval processes. Our deep and experienced team ensures that content meets all brand requirements and legal standards, including loudness levels and regulations relating to photosensitive epilepsy (PSE).

A full suite of re-versioning services includes creation or adaptation of voice-over scripts, casting, producing, recording and mixing to enhance the service further.

For language localisation we provide specialist translation and language QC and work with third party localisation partners on behalf of our customers.

Designed to scale with the peaks and troughs of scheduled and on-demand availability windows, our content enrichment services streamline complex multi-stage processes into pre-agreed and guaranteed delivery workflows.

Through our pool of expert legal specialists, craft editors, script writers and audio engineers, we reduce the complexity of recruiting and retaining specialist staff while enabling you to scale, based on demand.

Our enrichment services ensure that your content is ready to maximise both its local and international value.

  • Compliance view and log

  • Craft edit and audio mix

  • PSE and loudness check and fix

  • Content approval

  • Translation and audio dub