Content sourcing and on boarding

We connect to your content

Getting your content on board easily and without incident is a first but critical step in the content journey.

Our technical expertise enables fully managed services to bring your content into our platforms from any source, including live feeds, tape and digital file based formats.

Through our flexible delivery agreements, we provide bespoke workflows that meet local and international content on-boarding requirements with the ability to scale on demand to meet variable volumes, durations and turn-around time scales.

With multiple content capture points across the globe, we provide on-boarding services designed to reduce the complexity of managing content processing, versioning and delivery schedules.

Backed up by a complete content archiving service with the highest levels of local and cloud based resiliency, our on-boarding services provide a proven starting point for your end-to-end content journey.

  • Archive digitisation

  • File based transfer

  • Tape ingest

  • Live stream capture