Agile and flexible content delivery harnessing the IP world

Rights holders, distributors and producers need fast, innovative ways to deliver content across all genres and multiple platforms to broadcast clients, network affiliates and other service providers.

In a world where fibre, satellite and IP services are increasingly converging, we help content flow seamlessly from creators and distributors to broadcasters.

Serving both local and international platforms, our global delivery service helps you to efficiently manage content packaging and transfer across IP and other broadcast networks.

Available as flexible options ranging from fully IP managed fibre to low cost unmanaged IP and peering, we help you to build content distribution strategies that balance cost, resiliency and performance.

From our 24/7 operation centre in Amsterdam, our network engineers, data security specialists and operational support teams provide continual monitoring of both network and remote playout infrastructure.

The true end-to-end delivery extends to satellite services in partnership with global operators that cover fully managed space segments across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East with DVB-S and S2 transponders and flexibility for UHD broadcasting – all from our owned and operated Earth station.

  • OTT origin servers

  • Unmanaged IP and peering

  • Full managed IP fibre

  • DVB-S and S2 uplink and space segment

  • International fulfilment

  • 24/7 network operations