Linear IP Playout

Publishing across any platform, on any screen

As linear playout technology continues to advance, our fully-IP, software defined private broadcast cloud facility – the first in Europe – enables our clients to benefit from the agility of an all-IP world.

Designed to service linear broadcast content, our multilingual/multi-region playout services provide you with unprecedented flexibility, scale and the capacity to extend the type and quality of services available.

The pioneering, completely-virtual environment is designed to accelerate time to market while reducing operational complexity and costs. Built around a 24/7 network operations centre capability, our linear IP playout supports all international transmission formats, platforms and compliance requirements.

As a complete end-to-end, fully managed service, we ensure your content playout complies with the most demanding service level agreements, with process driven flexibility over signal aggregation, routing and transmission validation.

Our linear playout services are enhanced further through the management of complex graphics, subtitling and live programming, all overseen by our 24/7 Network Operations Centre.

From Europe’s most advanced private broadcast cloud, our fully virtualised linear playout environment, we help you to create the deepest levels of customisation to service any platform requirement, ensuring you can meet all technical, legal and brand requirements while optimising costs and enabling unlimited scale.

  • Multilingual/ multi-region playout

  • Regional opt-out

  • Complex graphics

  • Edge playout