Content Select

Content Select

ContentSelect is our innovative content management platform, designed to provide you with flexible and transparent media workflows that increase efficiencies, reduce costs and enable faster time to market.

This complete orchestration toolset can power multiple end-to-end workflows with full visibility and an audit trail at each stage – offering peace of mind that processing, editing and delivery deadlines are being met.

Based on highly innovative cloud technology, ContentSelect has been developed over a decade to serve the end-to-end needs of linear broadcast and video-on-demand operations, allowing all stakeholders to gain a role-based view of every step of the media workflow from ingest to playout. Our software enabled service and experienced team transforms complex internal tasks into a service model that is efficient, while still allowing you to retain visibility and control.

ContentSelect provides secure access and cloud hosting to deliver reliability and security for your data and content. Built on a set of flexibly configured dashboard view and reports, the platform offers real-time updates on the status of all assets at all stages of the workflow chain. In addition, it provides transparency through complete logs of all compliance notes, actions, EDLs and edits. This forms part of a comprehensive audit trail to aid management supervision, oversight and to help meet regulatory obligations.

We ensure you are aware of every process that our editors and compliance teams undertake at every stage across the entire workflow. By maintaining operational offices that serve the Western and Eastern markets, we are able to offer a true “follow the sun” approach along with local experts that work in collaboration with our clients to deliver market insight, efficiency and cost benefits at scale.  In addition, our SaaS licence model enables you to keep your media operations in house, with access to the sophisticated ContentSelect media management features you need to prepare content and media operations.

The modular design of ContentSelect ensures workflows are quickly assembled from a large library of sophisticated features, allowing swift configuration to support your specific needs as required. We can also easily integrate ContentSelect with your scheduling, rights and BMS systems to give you seamless workflow operations across multiple sites, removing the need for time-consuming spreadsheets and manual interactions that hinder smooth operations. The entire platform is secured through our reliable and experienced administrators who continually monitor individual and group level permissions.

Our in-house teams based in the UK and Poland support the platform and undertake bespoke developments specific to customers, and as regular feature updates for full platform implementation.