Fully virtualised playout

Take virtualisation to the next level

TVT Media’s fully virtualised playout platform takes virtualisation to the next level, combining solid investment with a strong vision for an all-IP, cloud enabled world.

Launched in 2017, the pioneering platform powers digital media and entertainment across multiple screens, devices, and platforms.

This leading-edge technology enables broadcasters and other content owners, studios and media houses to dramatically accelerate time to market, reduce hardware requirements and maintain full control over their content.

Designed from the ground up in less than two years, our private broadcast cloud provides international content owners with a passport to 700 million European viewers. Our platform is Europe’s only commercial fully IP, software-defined environment and is able to support the playout of more than 100 channels with no SDI infrastructure. It delivers digital video broadcasting (DVB) compliant distribution 4:2:0 or contribution 4:2:2 ASIoIP transport streams. In addition, the platform is future proofed and able to support UHD/4K today, with the ability to continue to scale further due to the nature of its cloud design.

Today, the platform delivers 87 channels across Europe, with all services operating from our re-imagined network operations, media management and distribution facility in Amsterdam, the world’s most connected hub. It is used by a number of global content owners, including AMC Networks, A+E Networks and FOX Networks Group.

Through this platform, we are able to commission and deliver new channels to market faster – a matter of hours instead of weeks – in a completely virtual environment. The platform offers our customers unprecedented scale and capacity, extending the type and quality of services available, such as pop-up channels for market testing, and companion channels for special events on OTT platforms.

The single virtualised software application contains playout, graphics, audio, subtitling and compression features. This reduced technology stack enables technical installations to be physically separated from the primary operational facility, removing dedicated hardware constraints.

Our private broadcast cloud offers added flexibility and scalable operational control, ensuring that operations such as monitoring and control of the platform can be performed from multiple locations. With this, the critical path is defined by the availability of media and schedules, instead of hardware and cables, speeding up the development of new playout systems.