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We are a fast-growing global content services business that offers our team the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most exciting media and entertainment brands.

In working with TVT Media, you will help major industry players tackle the challenges of bringing their video content to markets around the world.

We provide our clients with the knowledge, skills and technologies they need to overcome the hurdles they face in each market they enter – which can include cultural taboos, language differences, new regulations, logistics issues and technical barriers.

Having the right global team of skilled and talented people is what enables us to do this.

We are all about customer excellence and innovation, and we are looking for people who understand and reflect these values. We continue to build on our long heritage and industry expertise to support our customers in preparing and delivering their content.

Our diverse team brings together the latest technologies and innovative business approaches to provide cutting-edge content services.

TVT Media offers industry professionals the opportunity to bring their skills and experience to a dynamic group of experts. Our powerful end-to-end content services offering opens doors to a wide range of exciting job prospects, working with the industry’s newest technologies and innovations. Our people engage with and help pioneering customers worldwide.

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Facts we are proud of:

  • We have close to 300 full-time employees across the world, with nearly as many contractors and freelancers pitching in too – and we are constantly growing.
  • We are a truly global company, headquartered in London, with operations in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney, as well as a dedicated software development centre in Krakow and Szczecin in Poland.
  • We broadcast some 90 digital TV channels worldwide every day.
  • A technological innovator, we have launched Europe’s first ‘private broadcast cloud’ – leading the way toward an all IP future.
  • We work in more than 40 languages, preparing and delivering content for broadcasters and video services in over 50 countries.
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We are passionate about media. From versioning, compliance and media management, through to IP playout and network delivery – if you are ready to develop yourself as a professional, we have a unique set of creative projects ready to inspire and help you to shine.

We are always looking for impassioned and qualified individuals to manage, create and deliver the first-class content services our clients expect. If you think you fit the bill for any advertised positions or would simply like to discuss potential career opportunities, we would love to hear from you!

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